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Sporting Events for the Week of 12/17/18

Sporting Events and Early Dismissals

For the Week


Monday 12/17:

No Games


Tuesday 12/18:

Boys Soccer- F/S: Sobrato @ Pioneer, 4:30pm

                     Varsity: Sobrato @ Pioneer, 7:00pm


Wednesday 12/19:

No Games


Thursday 12/20:

No Games


Friday 12/21:

Boys Basketball- F/S: Gunderson @ Pioneer, 6:00pm

                           Varsity: Gunderson @ Pioneer, 7:30pm

Girls Basketball- J/V: San Jose @ Pioneer, 3:00pm

  Varsity: San Jose @ Pioneer, 4:30pm

Girls Soccer- J/V: Valley Christian @ Pioneer, 4:30pm

                    Varsity: Valley Christian @ Pioneer, 7:00pm


Saturday 12/22:

Boys Basketball- F/S: Pioneer @ Bellarmine, 1:30pm

Girls Basketball- J/V: Pioneer @ Independence, 1:00pm

  Varsity: Pioneer @ Independence, 2:30pm




* Early Dismissals are in (parenthesis)